“Can I Afford a Bankruptcy Lawyer?”

If you’ve been following Jefferson County, Alabama municipal bankruptcy in the news lately, you probably have read or heard about how much the County is paying in attorney fees for handling its’ bankruptcy case. Here is an article with some of the specifics: http://blog.al.com/spotnews/2012/02/lawyers_costing_jefferson_coun.html .

Over the Mountain Law Center: a Small Family Firm

After reading the article, you are probably wondering…”Am I going to be able to afford a lawyer to handle MY bankruptcy case?” At Over the Mountain Law Center, we pride ourselves on being able to provide quality legal services for a reasonable fee. We are not a bunch of high priced Mountain Brook attorneys in fancy suits.

We are a small family firm…and we like it that way. We offer competitive flat fees for most Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Cases, and you can always go on a payment plan.

Let’s face it, not many people considering bankruptcy have extra money lying around.

Quality Legal Services for Reasonable Fees

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