In most Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases, you will not have to go to court or appear before a Judge.

You and your attorney will have to attend an administrative hearing called The First Meeting of Creditors, also known as your 341 Meeting. The meeting is conducted by a Chapter 7 Standing Trustee or Case Trustee, who is an individual appointed by the Court to administer your case. Typically, the Trustee will ask you only a handful of questions at the meeting and the meeting lasts only a couple of minutes. Rarely do any of your creditors attend the meeting.

In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases, in addition to your First Meeting of Creditors, you may need to attend a Court Hearing before a Judge. In The Northern District of Alabama, there are currently six Bankruptcy Judges. The article linked below is about the Chief Bankruptcy Judge for The Northern District of Alabama, Southern Division, the Honorable Thomas B. Bennett. Judge Bennett is presiding over the Jefferson County, Alabama Bankruptcy Case, which is a case of national interest and importance.